New Adventures!

Hey, y’all!  Life sure has a way of keeping you on your toes, doesn’t it!  I am so excited about the next few months of my life!  I have some wonderful things coming up and I will share all of them here.  I hope you subscribe to my blog and take this journey with me.  Between my blog and my Youtube channel, we are going to some exciting, interesting, and even some never-before places that will lessen your burdens of life, increase the joy in your journey, and open your eyes to things that few people even want to look upon.  You will gain insight into why you do some of the things you are already doing and why you are drawn to certain things.  Below is a list of topics I will be exploring and I invite your comments and ideas.

Renewal Living:  This process enlivens every aspect of our being, not just one part.  Once we learn and understand how to engage our mind into renewal every day, we can come closer to a clear understanding of why we are here, what we are supposed to accomplish and what are our distinct gifts.  Some people call it authentic living, which is accurate, but I call it Renewal Living because everything on this earth is a process.  Renewal Living speaks to that process.  Each day we discover new thoughts, new patterns, new dreams, new insights, new vision and new direction with slight turns in our road.  We must choose to renew our minds toward these new discoveries, every day, to make or journey authentic; therefore, we must engage in Renewal Living to create an authentic life.

Vocal Health:  When the reed of a clarinet is damaged, it can be replaced. When the vocal cords are damaged, you live with them for the rest of your life! We only get one set of vocal cords. Improper care of the voice can lead to permanent damage, and the damage can come in varying degrees.  After abuse, many times the voice is still usable, but the quality is very raspy and the notes are difficult to produce.  If you are ever hoarse from over-singing, you are putting your vocal cords at risk. Since I made that promise 30 years ago, I have not been hoarse from over-singing one time. A by-product of a cold or flu is sometimes hoarseness. This is different. If it is not from abuse, the vocal bands will heal. I had a very good friend who was in an elite choir with me. She was young and thought she was invincible. She really abused her voice one semester. After visiting the larynologist she found that she had nodules on her vocal cords. They tried to mend her problem with medication, but to no avail. They then removed the nodules by surgery and her voice was never the same. It is also very dangerous to use throat spray or lozenges that will deaden the pain. When there is pain, that is your body telling you that you are entering a danger zone. To deaden that pain is to completely ignore the body’s warnings and this could render you a major problem.

The Tenacious Woman:  The character, disposition and presentation of woman is MOST of the time misrepresented, both in the world’s eyes and in the church’s eyes.  Since the beginning of time, woman was supposed to be strong, tender, powerful, kind and compassionate.  Many times the world wants her to only represent the strong, powerful side of her nature and the church wants her to only represent the tender, kind and submissive side of her character.  Neither of them are accurate.  As is shown, not only in Proverbs 31, but in numerous other places throughout the Word, woman is a powerful individual, without taking on male characteristics.

Retirement Living:  I have spent the last few years in Research and multi-level Employment in the Retirement Community Industry.  My discoveries have been very enlightening and some quite disturbing.  I now serve as a consultant for those who are ready to make a decision about retirement community living, leading them from the initial thought process to move-in day.

The Sheaf Dreamer:  I have had some wonderful comments about this book I published last year.  It not only explains our dreams and how we can interpret our dreams, it also gives great detail about The Good Life…the way God meant for us to live…free from worry, fear and condemnation.

Pilgrim’s Progress:  My VERY favorite story book written straight from the hand of God through John Bunyan.  This book explains SO many of our life issues and just what they mean.  Bunyan wrote several other books as well that carry powerful deep life truths that we do not hear from today’s religious hierarchy.

My Utmost for His Highest:  THE most powerful daily devotional ever written, BUT, it is not for the faint of heart.  It carries revelations from the Holy Spirit that do not soothe the flesh and tell you how good you are.  They tell you how to become like Christ, and only those conformed into HIS image will spend eternity with Him.

The Holy Bible:  Well…what can I say?  As a result of my years of studying the Word of God, I have gained answers and insights to issues and questions I carried for most of my life.  I was raised in the Church of God, have been music minister in the Baptist, Methodist, Church of God, independent and gathered fellowships.  I have performed in almost all the denominations.  Therefore, I will tell you that I am not affiliated with ANY denomination.  I am affiliated only with the Word of God.  I still love to go to church, but it is not my source of salvation; the Word of God is my everything.  I will be sharing some of the great truths I have found there.

I am also in the process of writing several other books, which I will share with you.  One of them includes exploits of an imaginary village in the deep south and how they live life the way life is supposed to be lived, truly caring for each other, eating the things that preserve physical health, encouraging all those around them, and exploring the deep secrets of life. They have no high blood pressure, no heart problems, and very seldom to they encounter sickness of any kind.  Stay tuned.

Blessings as you join me for joy in our journey!

Rita Young Allen, M.A., M.S.M., Consultant


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