We have been taught a counterfeit life…The Sheaf Dreamer

To understand and walk in true light and love is the essence of peace, the fulfillment of dreams and the path to authentic living.  We have been lied to, but not always on purpose.  We must change the way we look at things.  Great teachers and thought leaders of this spiritual path are few and far between.  Mediocre teachers are abundant.  From the foundations of the world we were all meant to experience transcending love, walk in divine light and teach great things, but we have not been taught how.  We have been taught the counterfeit that leads to life in the matrix, unchallenged.  This counterfeit invades our dream world with fierce passion, leaving us with desperation of helplessness…revisiting us at will.  The expedition you are about to set upon here will change your life forever; you will never be the same again. You will learn how to remove your tormenting dreams, live your passion and fully realize why you are put on this earth.  If you so choose to follow, it will lead you into the essence of peace, the fulfillment of your dreams and the path to authentic living.

Divine appointment is the most illuminated story teller, and is equal to nothing else on this earth.  Having made notes for many of my future books, this book came to me suddenly and furiously.  I was actually working on another when this one lay a choke hold on me that would not release.  As I closed down life and began to write, it seemed the open pipeline began to fill with speed.  Like sparks from a fire that keeps quickening and like the flames that keep illuminating, my mind was taken captive.  I did not know what was to come, had no earthly agenda, nor desire to please any hierarchy. I put my hands on the keys and what flowed was a mystery, even to me.  This work came forth in twelve days, with many days of afterward edits. It is truth encased in fiction; constructed from the deep recesses of my genuine life experiences, entrenched in a story line delivered from above.  On my own, I could not have written it in thirty days, or a hundred, or a year.  It was written by a far more learned hand than mine. Mr. Joseph Rosenthal is a figment of my imagination, but my supporting life stories are very true.  Come go with me on this journey as I ‘speak things that are not as though they were.’

The Sheaf Dreamer


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